Training and Teaching

Doctors at Harbour Medical Services are regularly involved in teaching medical students and general practice registrars.

We are Accredited Training Practice: GPEx supplied bio practice websites

Our practice has been accepted to help deliver the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program to registrars (GPs in training), in collaboration with the South Australian Regional Training Organisation, GPEx.

This vocational general practice training program is the primary pathway that doctors undertake to become specialist GPs – like the ones that you may visit here.

Registrars are placed at practices on 6-month rotations, who are supervised and guided by our experienced GPs. Registrars are highly trained and bring the latest knowledge, passion and commitment to their work.

We are proud to be a part of this training program and to help train tomorrow’s future GPs in order to keep our communities happy and healthy.

We believe it is very important to pass on our skills and experience as this will ensure quality care for generations to come.

Students and registrars always work under direct supervision from senior GPs. Patients will always be advised when a student will be involved in their care and will have the right to decline their involvement.